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"Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings"
Publius Syrus (42 B.C.)

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"Leading the way to personalized precision health, wellness and longevity through Preventive, Regenerative, Interventional and Nutrigenomic Therapeutics"


We help patients, as consumers, own their HUMAN PRINT ® health information, understand our technology and data, interpret their medical tests, then follow a path for optimal health and scientific wellness.


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"Every now and then, a revolutionary healthcare service comes along that changes everything", HUMANPRINT ®: Personalized Scientific Wellness


You are unique! Your DNA is yours alone and how your genes are expressed, along with social and environmental factors, make you who you are...unique!! HUMAN PRINT ® firmly believes you, as the patient, should be primarily in charge of your health. Your heredity, habits and lifestyle contribute greatly to the quality of your health, wellness and the longevity of your life. Patients, as consumers, empowered by their desire to control, direct and understand their healthcare, are turning to businesses and Internet websites that allow them convenient access to high quality, value-added medical information and predictive health assessment screening tests. As healthcare moves rapidly towards precision medicine, HUMAN PRINT ® services also include dynamic monitoring and understanding of what’s happening to your health over time, how it’s evolving, and suggest multidimensional evidence-based steps, in conjunction with your personal preferences, that can be taken to improve your health and wellness. HUMAN PRINT ® is "personalized lifelong wellness ", a means to extend care to patients and keep patients healthy as well as out of the hospital or physician office. By synthesizing genomic, epigenetic, phenotypic, radiologic, clinical laboratory data and other test results, our framework of algorithms represents a new approach to the anticipation, then prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

HUMAN PRINT®,, and are service marks and Internet websites dedicated to the good health and lifelong wellness of you, your friends and loved ones. Through our offices and affiliates, we offer health assessment, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment for most medical conditions. Like a fingerprint, each HUMAN has a (1) unique genetic and epigenetic PRINT, (2) medical, social, and environmental history, (3) history and physical examination, (4) and physiological, genetic, and biomolecular test profile data that play a crucial role in personalizing and delivering high quality, value-added HUMAN Preventive, Regenerative, Interventional and Nutrigenomic Therapeutics: "scientific wellness".

"Therapeutics" is defined as treatment and care to combat disease or alleviate pain or injury. Its tools include nutritional diets, drugs, surgery, radiation therapy, mechanical devices, and psychiatry. Treatment may be active, to prevent or cure a disease (requiring no further treatment after recovery), treat a disease over the long-term, or heal a wound or ijnury; symptomatic, to relieve symptoms until the immune system heals the body; supportive, to keep body functions going until the disease clears; or palliative, to minimize discomfort for patients with no long-term chance of recovery. Therapeutic measures can be chosen, combined, and tailored based on accurate diagnosis to fit each patient. (Encyclopedia Britannica online). In addition to multidimensional therapeutics, mental optimism or a "positive attitude" that one is going to get healthier has been associated with a stronger immune system and increased pain tolerance. Optimism is "powerful medicine" against diseases and disorders affecting Man.

Hence our registered trademark: HUMAN PRINT ®. The information, products and services provided in this website and offered in our business are directed by State and Federally licensed healthcare providers. Our team of professionals have many years of experience practicing modern evidence-based medicine, are certified by their respective professional medical boards, are members in good standing of national and international scientific and medical organizations and successfully complete all continuing medical education requirements annually to remain in "good standing" among their peers, State and Federal licensing agencies.

Ask about our HUMAN PRINT® Personal Health Manager as well as Anticipatory Medicine and Healthcare

Byron L. Barksdale, M.D.

PHONE: 308-532-4700


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Legal Notice: HUMAN PRINT® recognizes the very important role your local licensed healthcare professionals play in providing quality healthcare to you, your family and friends. We want your local healthcare professional to review your health test request, order the test(s), receive a copy of the test results and discuss all significant findings with you in light of your complete current medical history and physical examination before initiating or changing any treatment plan, especially in regard to you using or discontinuing prescription medications, changing your lifestyle or increasing your physical activities. The products, services and information that HUMAN PRINT® and its affiliaties provide to you and your family are not intended to and do not substitute for a comprehensive health history, physical examination, assessment and treatment plan available to you through your licensed local healthcare providers. See Terms of Use of this website. HUMAN PRINT® AND HUMANPRINT® ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS.

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