Health Savings Account Laboratory Tests and Services


We help patients, as consumers, own their HUMANPRINT ® Scientific Wellness and Longevity health information, understand our technology and data, interpret their medical tests, then follow a path for optimal health and wellness.

Recent changes to healthcare insurance policies, their benefits, and federal laws have resulted in high deductible healthcare plans where patients and their families pay up to $8,500 annually before insurance pays for anything. In order to not overpay for clinical laboratory testing, patients need to be prudent and thrifty shoppers for lab tests.

HSA LAB offers clinical laboratory tests and services to patients nationally in easy way for patients to save money when paying for lab tests "out of pocket" or with their Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) funds. Throughout the USA, HSA LAB works with high complexity clinical laboratories that are federally inspected and comply with the U.S. Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA).

All HSA LAB laboratories are directed by American Board of Pathology board certified (and re-certified) physician (M.D.) pathologists who are also Laboratory Inspectors for the College of American Pathologists Laboratory Accreditation program. HSA LAB standards and safeguards insure accurate and timely clinical lab testing at an affordable price. All of your laboratory test results performed by HSA LAB are available to you and your designated healthcare providers in a timely manner to be included in your medical records. Frequently performed tests can also be sent and updated into your medical records. For an additional fee, we can also provide clinical guidelines regarding nutrition and diet and counseling.

How can you and your family save money every time you need a lab test? Three EASY steps:

1. During your visit with your personal physician, healthcare provider or clinic, obtain a requisition for the lab tests ordered.

2. Take the requisition of lab tests ordered to your nearest HSA LAB testing and service center.

3. Pay for the lab tests after the specimens have been collected. Your test results will be available and sent to you promptly.


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