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HUMAN PRINT ® Wellness and Longevity is "personalized lifelong scientific health and wellness ", a means to extend care to patients and keep patients healthy as well as out of the hospital or physician office. By synthesizing genomic, epigenetic, phenotypic, metabolomic and clinical laboratory data, our framework and evidence- based recommendations represent a new approach to the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of human disease, wellness and longevity.

Like a fingerprint, each HUMAN has a (1) unique genetic and epigenetic PRINT, (2) medical, social, and environmental history, (3) history and physical examination, (4) and physiological, genetic, and biomolecular test profile data that play a crucial role in personalizing and delivering high quality, value-added HUMAN Preventive, Regenerative, Interventional and Nutrigenomic Therapeutics or "scientific wellness".

The information, products and services provided in this website and offered in our business are directed by State and Federally licensed healthcare providers. Our team of professionals have many years of experience practicing modern evidence-based medicine, are certified by their respective professional medical boards, are members in good standing of national and international scientific and medical organizations and successfully complete all continuing medical education requirements annually to remain in "good standing" among their peers, State and Federal licensing agencies. Our team is available for one-on-one evaluation and consultations in real time in person or through our affiliated telehealth and telemedicine partners.

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